The Society for the Preservation of Music Hall (SPMH) has worked tirelessly since its inception in 1987 to fulfill our mission to preserve,  improve, promote and provide education about Cincinnati Music Hall.

Partnerships and collaborations strengthen SPMH, help us be more efficient and choiceful expenditures, and enhance the services SPMH provides. In particular, SPMH works closely with all Music Hall resident companies.

The Cincinnati Arts Association (CAA) manages Music Hall, which is owned by the city of Cincinnati. CAA helps SPMH cut administrative costs by sharing workspace and equipment, providing rentals in Music Hall at cost, through joint CAA-SPMH efforts with volunteers and tours, and by providing online promotion and eCommerce assistance with SPMH Tours.

The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra's Finance Team keeps SPMH's books and provides monthly financial reports.

The Cincinnati Opera provided office space for SPMH when Music Hall was closed for renovation.

The Music Hall Revitalization Company (MHRC) is a nonprofit corporation that coordinated the revitalization of Music Hall on behalf of the resident companies. SPMH continues to work with MHRC in order to replace structural architectural details lost or removed over the years.

SPMH's mission aligns with each of these organizations: we're all preserving, promoting and providing education about Cincinnati Music Hall and each of these agencies has a seat as an Ex Officio Director on the SPMH Board.

SPMH continues to benefit from a partnership with The Symphony Hotel. Their donation made it possible for SPMH to acquire transmitters, receivers and headsets so that Program Guides can be heard by everyone on a tour.