In 1987, The Society for the Preservation of Music Hall (SPMH) was founded to “provide ongoing financial and volunteer support toward maintaining and improving the Music Hall facilities, internally and externally.”

Through private and public donations, the group immediately began work on much needed replacements. New carpeting was installed on all floors; Springer Auditorium received new draperies to grace the stage; and restrooms and adjoining areas were given a needed update with paint and wall coverings.

By September of 1992, SPMH was designated the status of a 501(c)(3) federal nonprofit.

Over the years, dedicated individuals and arts supporters have understood the importance of protecting and encouraging the Arts in our Community. Many have come forward in this pursuit to support Music Hall.

While the structure remains the physical icon of Cincinnati’s artistic heritage, the building encompasses much more – a welcoming place for everyone in our city serving myriad of purpose, in meetings, banquets, weddings, dances, and conventions. Maintaining this symbol of arts and forum is paramount.

Since inception, SPMH has funded a multitude of projects to meet its mission, most recently contributing over 4 million dollars toward this current renovation, and installing the American flagpole on the south side corner of Elm Street, along with the refurbishment and installation of the Albee Theatre’s Mighty Wurlitzer Organ in the Music Hall Ballroom.

These and many other projects were completed—all while preserving Music Hall history to share with our community. Your donation to SPMH helps keep Music Hall in top shape. Review a list showing how SPMH has applied donations in support of Music Hall.

Help preserve Music Hall for generations to come. Make your donation to SPMH now!