Tour Cincinnati's Historic Music Hall

The elegant Czechoslovakian crystal chandeliers that grace the foyer and auditorium... the beautifully restored hardwood floors of the stage... the fly system that starts in the basement and stretches to the roof... the courtyards that separate the main building from the north and south wings -- Cincinnati's historic Music Hall holds many treasures, and many stories. During a tour, you get a personalized view of the many architectural details of the structure, and you get to hear about the structure's amazing history and the people who created and maintain it.

SPMH tour guides share stories, history and anecdotes on tours Tours are provided by SPMH members and include both public and non-public areas of the structure. Tours can be tailored to your needs and there are no time restrictions. Music Hall is accessible to individuals with disabilities; however, more intensive tours are available and would require that participants be able to walk for an extended period of time. Tours can even be structured to meet the needs of educators and students.

While tours are generally conducted weekdays between 9am and 3pm, some tours can be held before a performance at the hall, and occasionally can be accommodated during other hours.

Backstage at Music Hall in the Paint Shop Tours are for groups of at least 10 people and carry a small fee of $2.50 per person, or $25 minimum, with financial consideration given to schools and non-profit organizations. All tour fees go to SPMH, The Society for the Preservation of Music Hall as a donation. SPMH uses donations to help with the upkeep; See a list of SPMH Accomplishments.

The Music Hall tour is a special event that you don't want to miss! Set up your tour through historic Music Hall by calling Ramona Toussaint at (513) 744-3344 or


In addition to tours highlighting the features of Music Hall, there are also '' Guided Ghost Tours.'' Read about sightings of ghosts in Music Hall.

SPMH is looking for volunteers to become tour guides! Find out how to volunteer.

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