Music Hall Today: General Information

When you drive north on Elm Street, the expanse of red brick goes on for a full block! Music Hall is a big building -- but it started out as three separate structures.

In a building the size of Music Hall, it's easy to miss the little things -- like decorative elements -- that together make Music Hall special. Even for the most prominent elegant items, such as the chandelier in Springer Auditorium, there's a story.

SPMH members give awesome tours! Get a behind-the-scenes look at this historic structure, find out what makes it work, and maybe pick up a ghost story or some juicy historic tidbit along the way.

The acoustics in Springer Auditorium are said to be among the best in the world. Yet the auditorium has been renovated several times in Music Hall history... how does this ''room'' maintain it's auditory appeal?

How big is the stage? How many people can eat dinner comfortably in the Ballroom? How do they get those big set pieces into the hall? CAA provides the details.

There's no clear cut answer to certain questions, such as "this is my first time attending a concert; what should I wear?" However, we have experts who can provide answers to this and other "first timer" questions.

Plans are underway for a revitalization of Music Hall with the goal of creating a more welcoming and friendly historic structure. Music Hall is no stranger to even major renovations; after all, when it was first built, the main floor was flat from Elm Street to what was then the Miami-Erie Canal (now Central Parkway). Yet it's not a job anyone is taking lightly.

Music Hall offers many opportunities for private, public and corporate events. From elegant weddings in the foyer and receptions in the Ballroom, to concerts in Springer Auditorium and small business luncheon in Corbett Tower or the Critics Club, Music Hall can provide the right ambiance, and it's centrally located with ample parking nearby.

Ghosts in Music Hall? Really? Take a look at Music Hall's location and history, attend a Guided Ghost Tour, and decide for yourself.


In order to serve audiences and visitors into the future, a timeline is now in place for the revitalization of Music Hall. Read about plans for the revitalization.

As we look toward a enjoying performances and activities in Music Hall in the coming years, take a moment to reflect on the past. Share your memories of special times -- from the joyful to the sentimental and everything in between.

The Rack Photography website features amazing 360-degree panoramic photos of Music Hall, three feature the interior of the Springer Auditorium, and one shows the Grand Foyer.

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