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Music Hall Ghost Tours Are Back

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The hottest ticket in town is one for a Music Hall… Ghost Tour.

Yes, the Ghost Tours are back. Tickets for the January and February tours sold out quickly, and demand is growing.

Ghost Tour History

Prior to closing for revitalization, these popular Music Hall Ghost Tours had been held the last Friday of each month, for about five years.

Scott Santangelo, Director of Operations, leads the tour with Judy Knuckles of Cincinnati Research and Paranormal Studies (CR&PS). The organization has research, investigated and documented activity in Music Hall.

Some of their findings are presented – sound and photos – on the CR&PS website. Many are related on the tour.

And Music Hall’s History
Ghost Tour participants in Music Hall Lobby
Ghost Tour participants in Music Hall Lobby

Stories of unusual activity and spirit unrest are deeply woven into Music Hall’s history.

Even before Music Hall was built, the Cincinnati Commercial newspaper reported on the site’s haunted history.

The area under the south end of the structure was once a Potter’s Field. Each renovation that has involved excavation has turned up the remains of the poor, the sick, individuals for whom no relative was found.

Ghost light in Springer Auditorium, Cincinnati Music Hall
Ghost light in Springer Auditorium, Cincinnati Music Hall
Stories of “Activity” are Legendary

Both patrons and individuals who have worked in Music Hall have stories that they themselves often find difficult to believe.

A small sampling of reports include:

  • music with no known source
  • footsteps when no one else is around
  • shrouded figures
  • whispers and cool touches
  • bedraggled girl warning a worker of bad things happening in the basement
Enter Into the Spirit of It

The history of Music Hall – factual information – is related by Scott and Bill Furbee, Music Hall Event Manager.

Lights are dimmed.

Tour groups are small and they, along with a few select staff members, are the only ones in the building.

They go everywhere – even places off limits to the general public, like backstage and the basement.

Ghost Tour group in the basement of Music Hall
Ghost Tour group in the basement of Music Hall

Woven into the tour and Music Hall’s history are the stories. Bill and Scott provide historical context in each room. Judy describes what the CR&P group has found. Scott relates a few details from employees of Music Hall. There are recorded statements from former staff members themselves.

And the two-hour tour goes by too fast.

Post Renovation… post Ghosts?

Cincinnati Music Hall has long been considered one of the more active sites for hauntings in the city. Now that Music Hall has been renovated, have the spirit occupants moved out?

As the renovation made some big changes, moved walls and removed an elevator, CR&P is looking for an opportunity to bring in equipment and determine if the response differs from previous investigations.

Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, the Music Hall Ghost Tour is entertaining and interesting – truly an evening well spent.

Ghost Tours are back

More dates are coming soon! Information and tickets are on the CAA website. While on that page, stave off the disappointment of a missed opportunity and sign up for the CAA newsletter.

In Closing

The lawn
Is pressed by unseen feet, and ghosts return
Gently at twilight, gently go at dawn,
The sad intangible who grieve and yearn….

T.S. Eliot To Walter de la Mare

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