SPMH (The Society for the Preservation of Music Hall) is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to preserving and promoting Cincinnati's historic Music Hall.

SPMH members are people from all walks of life who are dedicated to preserving not only the structure of Music Hall as a national historic monument, but also the history and the memories of people who've performed and attended events here.

Since 1987, SPMH has compiled an outstanding record through financial contributions and countless hours by our volunteers to help perpetuate Music Hall as Cincinnati's premier performing arts and cultural center, and as a National Historic landmark.

Join us as we preserve, promote and enhance Cincinnati Music Hall, now and for generations to come!

Become a member today!

SPMH Did You Know Music Hall Renovation SPMH Accomplishments SPMH Tours
Historic Sketch of Music Hall Discover the Rich History of Music Hall
From choral music and industrial expositions to boxing and fancy balls, Music Hall has stood in service to Cincinnati since 1878.
Music Hall Renovation Renovation details!
Plans have been finalized for the restoration and enhancement of Music Hall.
Timeline History of Music Hall Your Contribution to SPMH counts!
Since its founding in April 1987, SPMH has made significant contributions to this treasured facility.
decorative element on the facade of Music Hall New tours planned by SPMH!
Music Hall is closed, but SPMH tours will soon continue with an open-air stroll through history and architecture, featuring this National Historic Landmark.
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